03 Proper diet plans

Have you ever noticed a car running without gasoline? Well, food is our gasoline helping us by providing energy all day long. A human body needs to be healthy, strong and happy to keep working. Eating a regular, well-balanced diet, can help you feel better in general and may also control your moods. Having a hydrated body controls cortisol and stress hormones, a daily intake of 8 to 10 glasses of water is a must. Your meals should be full of green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, protein contents etc, skipping any of these can result in heath disorder.

04 Slowing down the pace of life

Life in the 21st century is like a 600metres hurdle race, where the world keeps on moving and we all have to keep up with its pace. Maybe it is high time for us where we should keep our priorities above all else. In simple words, what I am trying to say is we must slow down and chill out. For example- breaking down the big job into smaller versions, what I mean is if you are in need to answer 100 phone calls a day try keeping it simple by answering just a few of them. Set your watch 10 minutes ahead, so in that way, you will finish your job or get to places a bit early without the headache of being late.

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