07 Share your problems

If even after following all the above steps, your problems still haunt you try sharing those with your friends, family or any trustworthy clergymen. I bet you will get positive results that way.

You can also practice self-talking, but make sure it is positive and doesn’t have any negative consequence. If you are giving yourself a negative message try changing it to positive by saying “Yes, I can do this”. This might help to gain a lot of confidence in you.

08 Meditation and Deep Breathing

One of the most ignored yet working method of stress relieve is through meditation. You will be surprised to see the changes this little technique can bring in your mood. You do not need to spend hours trying to focus on nothingness, a mere 10-minute session is enough to get you through the day. All you need is a peaceful place to sit and no distractions or temptations nearby. The ultimate peace of mind that meditation can give you is unmatchable.

Identifying the main cause of stress is mandatory. Figure out the biggest cause of stress in your life. If you are able to identify them, try to eliminate them in every possible way. Remember life without hurdles isn’t worth living. Enjoying it to the fullest and making memories is the thing worth remembering when you would be sitting alone at the age of sixty with a cup of tea, and your back inclined to a rocking chair.


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