How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

So how exactly do you lose the extra poundage from carrying a baby for nine months? Below, we have the top two methods that’ll have you shedding the pounds in no time.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If you were heavy into exercise before becoming pregnant, you might want to reconsider this way of thinking after giving birth. Instead of jumping right into a strenuous workout program, try taking gradual steps so that your body remains safe. Your body is still healing after all and you need to give yourself plenty of time for that. Plus, your doctor will need to clear you for exercise which is dependent on the type of birth you had. In most cases a minimum of 4 weeks is required to heal prior to getting back into the gym.


Believe it or not breastfeeding after giving birth is a great weight burner. All it needs from you is a higher caloric intake, usually 500 extra calories. This will help reduce the amount of extra fat that the body gains. But keep in mind that if you do decide to breastfeed, you have got to give yourself the much added fuel that is required. That way you have your extra energy demands met. This doesn’t mean you should diet because not having enough calories can easily decrease the amount of breast milk for your baby.


There is good news though, you don’t have to restrict your exercize while breastfeeding. This is because exercising moderately has no connection to your body’s ability to produce milk if you maintain a high enough caloric intake at the same time.


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