When a woman is in her thirties!!! As a lady, it is a dismay that why she is getting aged!!! So as a blessing in disguise… she is growing in my personality and solidifying in her style statement. To carry her style statement gives her strength to stand as an independent individual in the world ready to make her mark. As a working lady, when she has to prove her abilities and strengths in this pro-man society, she gets my power and strength from dazzling looks which give her a positive and gladiator attitude with tons and tons of self-confidence.

It is a regular statement that when you are in your 30’s, you are not a youngster anymore and should carry a dress code that suits your age group. But hello!!! She can wear whatever she wants to!!! As far as she can carry the attire with conviction and class, she can wear any of the outfit ranging from a skirt to a dazzling drop shoulder gown. To solve this problem, here is a list of some extremely elegant and sophisticated outfits that will make her look a class apart.

List start with TRENDY TRENCH COATS which can be carried with any attire as an accessory or even can be dressed in the plain tees and jeans to make it prominent. Cashmere should be a must present apparel in your closet that is never out of fashion. It not only gives you your style but helps you to dazzle the overall looks in the most chic way. Your cashmere article can be carried with skinny jeans or with the TAILORED TROUSERS which further enhances your cuts and figure by giving a definition to your lower body. DENIM articles are the ravishing apparels that will rock your closet. DENIM JACKETS and DENIM SKIRTS are the best outfits to carry with conviction. BLAZERS when paired with plain skinny jeans and plaid shirts or the dress shirts will stand out, speaking for your class and sophistication. The outfit will shout out for your taste in fashion.

Pair your plain blouses and tops with the SILK SCARFS to make your simplest attires, the ravishing ones. Next on the list are the SKATER SKIRTS that will show off your cuts and figure and makes you look like a lady of class and elegance. It will present you in the most chic way. SILK BLOUSES in your closet can be pulled off with all the type of bottoms present in your wardrobe. TURTLENECKS and PLAIN SWEATSHIRTS in your wardrobe are some whimsical outfits that can dazzle your look effortlessly. DRAPE DRESSES and THE KNEE LENGTH DRESSES further add a charm to your overall looks. Furthermore, you are there with a broad range of choices to make in the form of leather pencil skirts, plaid shirts with jeans, midi skirts, wrap coats, leather jackets, and plain tees.



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